Kid Comfort and Family Adventures

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Having kids is not always easy. Having kids and taking them along and involving them in outdoor adventure, though rewarding, can be tough!

We’re all about enabling families to get out and about, and ensuring that parents do not need to give up their hobbies once little ones come along. And so, here we are with some tips for kid comfort on family adventures:

  • Make sure gear fits correctly: It’s uncomfortable for adults when a harness is to tight, or shoes too loose. For kids, who may lack the motivation, knowledge, and perseverance of adults, uncomfortable gear can cause meltdowns and unhappiness. Invest in a gear that fits.
  • Evaluate the time-frame: You know your kids best and there are many factors that determine how long to take for any given adventure. Trust your gut and be realistic. Keep everyone happy by spending just the right amount of time on your adventure…it’s tempting to want to pack in a lot!
  • Give them responsibility: Kids love to feel big and responsible. Let them set up a tent, use a walking stick, or carry their own Camelbak.
  • Make them feel special: Expect kids to be nervous, eager to  please, and unsure of themselves when you’re heading out – especially if this is the first time they’re trying a particular sport. Show them (and tell them) how proud you are, repeatedly. You can even give them some encouragement by gifting them something small – like a carabiner – at the end of the day.

Now, go have some fun!

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