Power Your Climb (or Adventure) with Beet Juice

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It’s common practice to load up on carbs before a hike or climb. Our bodies need the energy. It’s not quite as common to load up on beets…

But, maybe beets are exactly what we need to supplement the carbs and set ourselves up for epic adventure and long, hard climbs. Recent research suggests that beets may be one best-kept secret, and that consumption of beet juice could boost stamina and increase blood flow.

What’s the secret behind this vegetable?  

Besides being rich in antioxidants, beets contain a good amount of Nitrates which, when consumed convert into Nitric Oxide and raise levels of nitric oxide in our bodies. Nitric oxide helps to widen our blood vessels, which subsequently increases blood flow and lung function.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

Beet juice is an easy way to consume these nutrients before a climb and glean the amazing benefits that beets have to offer.

So, here’s a recipe for you to try next time you’re heading out:

In your favorite juicer or blender, add 2 red beets, 1 sour apple, and 3 carrots.

Strain the juice if desired.

Feel free to add water, especially if using a blender. We recommend 1 cup.

There are many ways to ‘spice this up,’ including adding in your favorite seeds, fresh herbs (such as basil), or substituting the apple with some lemon and cucumber.


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