Top 4 Tips for Camping with Kids

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There’s nothing like that first camping weekend of the Summer! But, with kids, camping can feel daunting. Here are our top 4 tips for camping with the kids:

  1. Be Flexible: Planning is important, but so often, when getting out with kids, it’s not practical to stick to our plan. So, give yourself permission to be flexible. Recognize that a plan is just a guide, and take the kids cues to adjust and adapt accordingly. Having a flexible mindset will make your life so much easier, and your trip more enjoyable!
  2. Hydration: Ensure that everyone, you and the kids, stay hydrated. Give the kids their own special hydration packs like this one to wear. Not only will they be more apt to take sips frequently, but they will also feel special.
  3. Snacks: Take food the kids will like and love. Involve them in meal planning ahead of time and make sure to take plenty of snacks that you know they will enjoy…Even if it means candy or chocolate here and there.
  4. Warmth: If the kids are cold, their complaining will not end and this can put a damper on your camping trip.  Prepare with weather appropriate clothes, and take a sleeping bag rated adequately for where you’re going. Each child should have their own bag  to snuggle up in. This Kelty Youth Mistral bag is one of our top picks!

Happy Camping!


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