Five Tips for Getting Out with A Family this Winter

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Many new (and seasoned) outdoor-loving and somewhat adventurous parents struggle with a balance of doing what they love and including the kids in outdoor adventure. It’s tough! Kids complain, they have tiny legs, they need to eat, potty, and be kept warm. They need to feel loved – not ignored. Some parents with this dilemma give up on their adventures for a decade until the kids are able to participate in a big way. But, for those who have little kids and who don’t want to give up on an adventurous lifestyle, we have 5 tips for you today:

  1. Adjust your expectations: When heading out on an adventure with the kids, know in your heart of hearts, that this adventure will not be like those in which you go it alone. You will not be able to cover as much ground as when you’re out and about with adults only, and you will have to take breaks and rest – maybe frequently. Just be prepared for this mentally and plan an adventure that will be conducive to taking breaks and good for little legs.
  2. Keep them warm: Especially in winter, we have to make sure the kids are dressed comfortably and warmly. Especially when carrying kids in a carrier or backpack, be aware that they are not moving as much as you, and so, they may need more layers.  Here’s a coat and a snowsuit that you can consider.
  3. Pack (lots of) Snacks: Keep your kids happy by feeding them! Head to the grocery store the day before your adventure and ask the kids what they want. Energy rich foods are great – even if they are not the most healthy. Chummus and pretzels, chocolate, and trail mix are some of our favorite and most kid-friendly adventure snacks.
  4. Be Prepared for the Potty: If you’re headed out with a potty-training toddler, set them up for success by discussing, ahead of time, the plan if they need to ‘go’ while on the go. Consider this ONEDONE Portable Urinal for boys or a travel potty.
  5. Make Sure their Feet are Comfy: There’s nothing like trudging around in shoes that are too big, too small, or not fit for the weather. Get your kids outfitted with a great pair of boots early in the season. We love Bogs and Columbia, but there are so many great ones to choose from!

So, where are you going this Winter?

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