The Importance of an Awesome Daypack

There’s nothing worse than heading out for the day on a hike, or even just an afternoon around town, and finding that the backpack you picked for your adventure as quickly made your shoulders, back, hips, feet, and waist ache – especially seeing as these pains are completely preventable.

To pick the right pack, consider the following:

  • How heavy is the pack itself? We prefer to opt for lightweight daypacks.
  • What do you need it for, and will it be able to do the job? Sometimes, when we pack a backpack to the brim, the pack puts an unnecessary burden on our shoulders or hips. If we can pack a day pack full, but comfortably (so that there is room to move things around), we optimize the way the pack will feel on our backs.
  • Fit: How does the pack feel when you’re wearing it? It can be tempting to forgo fastening the waist and chest buckles, but, these greatly increase the support of the pack, so make sure to use these straps!

The Venture Pal Lightweight Packabale Durable Travel Hiking Daypack is one of our faves.


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